JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

Stakeholder Engagement

The Group believes that understanding the demands of various stakeholders accurately, responding in good faith, and building relationships of trust will lead to an increase in corporate value. To this end, we take advantage of opportunities for dialogue with each stakeholder and engage in active two-way communications.

Key Stakeholders and Responsibilities Main Means of Communication Main Topics

We will contribute to achieving a more affluent
society by improving satisfaction and fulfilling our
social responsibilities through the stable and
efficient supply of high-quality products.

  • Communication in sales activities
  • Dissemination of information via website and SNS
  • Exhibit at the 7th Highly-functional Metal Expo
  • Invitation to SQUARE LAB
  • Stable supply of highly-functional products
  • Improve economic efficiency and added
    value of products
  • Improve environmental performance of products
  • Appropriate disclosure of product information
Shareholders and investors

As a major operating company of the ENEOS Group,
we will strive to disclose information in a timely
and appropriate manner through ENEOS Holdings,
a listed company.

  • Publication of Sustainability Report
  • Disclosure of information on website
  • IR News Email Distribution
  • General meeting of shareholders, financial
    results briefing, business office information
  • Stable profit return
  • Easy-to-understand information disclosure on
    management strategies
  • Full disclosure of ESG information

We will promote the creation of a rewarding workplace,
focusing on the improvement of the work environment
and the enhancement of training systems. And we will
strive to improve the motivation of each individual.

  • Publication of the group newsletter Cuprum
  • Preparation and distribution of the Handbook for
    Supporting Balancing Childcare or Nursing Care
  • Implementation of self-assessment system
  • Hold online workshops
  • Dialogue between labor unions and management
  • Various employee training and education
  • Prevention of occupational accidents
  • Creation of diverse work styles
  • Enhancement of training system
  • Fair and equitable personnel evaluation
  • Maintaining and improving mental and physical health
Business partners

We will conduct business with our partners built on
relationships of trust. We are working to achieve fair
and equitable transactions throughout the supply chain.

  • Communication through purchasing activities
  • Operation of an inquiry desk
  • Conducting surveys with business partners
  • Invitation to SQUARE LAB
  • Equal and fair trade
  • Management of occupational safety
Local communities

We will pursue coexistence and co-prosperity at
each of our bases by creating understanding of
our business and building cooperative relationships
through various exchange opportunities.

  • Creation of cooperation agreements with universities and
    establishment of joint research courses
  • Conducting factory tours, office tours, and visiting classes
  • Participation in and sponsorship of community events
  • Conduct briefings for local residents
  • Participation in local volunteer activities
  • Revitalization of local communities
  • Cultivation of a new generation and educational support
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the region
International community

We pay close attention to trends in global warming and
other international issues. We engage with issues
proactively and comply with laws and regulations.

  • Implement business practices that support the SDGs
  • Engage in activities as an ICMM member company
  • Support of EITI
  • Response to TCFD / Endorsement of Challenge Zero /
    Response to CDP / Participation in WIPO GREEN
  • Establishment of a resource-recycling society
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Progress in the Digital Society
JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation