Nippon Mining Museum

In 1905, The founder of the JX Metals Group, Fusanosuke Kuhara acquired the Akasawa Copper Mine and started operation as the Hitachi Mine. This was the very beginning of the Group. The founding of the Hitachi Mine was also the starting point of the development of Hitachi as an industrial city, and of the modern mining and manufacturing industry in Ibaraki Prefecture. Nippon Mining Museum was built in 1986 at the old site of the Hitachi Mine in commemoration of the Group's 80th anniversary of its founding. It is a showcase of the history of Nippon Mining Holdings Group and the strong spirit of our founder. It is also an account of Japan's industrial and management histories, as well as of the local history of Hitachi. We invite you to take a historical tour and experience the flow of time from the past to the present.

About Nippon Mining Museum