A place to open up new possibilities for non-ferrous metals


In line with the relocation of the headquarters, JX Metals Corporation has established the SQUARE LAB at the new headquarters, combining a place for co-creation with partners, a showroom, and a place for learning.
SQUARE LAB is composed of a showroom called the Gallery, and an event space called the Arena, and is a place for promoting co-creation efforts to pursue the further potential of non-ferrous metals. We would like to provide a place where we can be inspired to create new value with a variety of people regardless of the industry, including group employees, collaborators, students, and who want to know more about JX Metals Corporation and our leading technologies.



Because the English word SQUARE means squared in the mathematical sense, and a city block, we wanted to make this place where people interact and greatly expand new awareness they have gained.
The logo indicates how the two squares (Gallery and Arena) combine organically to form a new shape, and expresses an attitude of changing our perspective and thinking by using the squares that change their angles, not as a plane. The colors have been made into a combination of bronze to represent existing technologies and businesses and blue silver to represent technologies and businesses that will arise in the future in the LAB.

SQUARE LABPurpose of Establishment

JX Metals Corporation has delivered its value to society as a company responsible for the life cycle of metals, Mineral Resources, Smelting and Refining, Advanced materials and Recycling. This time, through open innovation, we have established this LAB because we want to pursue the further potential of non-ferrous metals to bring new value to society.

SQUARE LABFacility Characteristics

To contribute to the realization of
a sustainable resource-recycling society
through creative dialog for the future society
Customers、University、Startup、Group employees、Research institution、Government
  • Feature01

    In the Gallery, you will experience the business and the technology of JX Metals Corporation.You will feel our possibilities in actual objects and in digital contents.

  • Feature02

    In the Arena, we host events and workshops that sow and grow seeds to create new value.

  • Feature03

    Using the Gallery and the Arena, we build a co-creation platform with partners and create new value that contributes to the realization of a sustainable resource recycling society.

SQUARE LABFacility Introduction

  • Entrance

    SQUARE LAB entrance giving one the impression of entering a mine

  • Gallery

    Gallery where you can experience our business profile, core technology, and future vision in actual objects and in digital contents

  • Arena

    Arena equipped to sponsor seminars and workshops

Introduction to
Each Zone on the Floor

  • Discussion Room
    Discussion Room

    Discussion space for visitors

  • History Zone
    History Zone

    Genealogy of our Core Technologies acquisitions cultivated from over 100 years of history

  • Business Outline Zone
    Business Outline Zone

    Introduction to our current business profile, with a focus on video contents

  • Future Vision Zone
    Future Vision Zone

    Introducing our vision for the future with a focus on a resource-recycling society

  • Product Exhibition Zone
    Products Exhibition Zone

    Exhibits of our products for electronic materials

  • Technical Exhibition Zone
    Technical Exhibition Zone

    Exhibits you can experience the features of our products and technologies

  • JX Multi-vision
    JX Multi-vision

    Experience the dynamic and compelling content of our business on our 9-sided multi-monitor

  • Arena

    Spaces equipped to sponsor seminars and workshops for sharing and fusing mutual knowledge and wisdom and creating new things

Technical Exhibition Zone: Example of an Exhibit

  • Make freely

    Introduced here are the core technologies built up over more than a century.

  • Control the light

    You will see the effect of our High-Performance Copper Alloys.

  • Make smaller

    You will see our precise stamping technology.

  • Separation, discharge and purification

    You will experience the effect of our shielding materials.

  • You will see various exhibits and videos about the series of flows related to produce metals, mainly copper, including the development and operation of mines, smelting, and recycling.


The Okura Prestige Tower 10-4, Toranomon 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8417, Japan