Green Procurement Guideline

Voluntary Conditions

Voluntary Conditions

JX Metals Group expects our business partners to keep us well-informed to current status of your progress in the following aspects for our future reference.

1. Voluntary Conditions JX Metals Group expects to our business partners

JX Metals Group expects our business partners to understand our endeavor to contribute to "the formation of a recycling society," "the prevention of global warming" and "3R promotion."
Please promote following activities and regularly report your progress.

1) Environmental Assessment of Material

If you design material, please conduct environmental assessment at the design stage to reduce its environmental burden.
Purpose of the environmental assessment of the material is to provide eco-friendly and resource/energy-saving material to the market. For that, the material should be evaluated for its environmental aspects at the design stage, based on its environmental designing concept such as protection of global warming, recycling society, elimination of environmentally hazardous substances, etc.

2) Environmental Protection on a Global Scale

Please promote following activities:
Reduction of global-warming substances, waste discharge amount, resource consumption, environmental load of packaging materials, control of chemical substances, and environmental assessment (prevention of air, water and ground pollution, noises, vibration, etc.)

3) Green Procurement

Please establish your green procurement guideline and apply to the procurement for parts and components of your material.

4) Submission of Information about Inclusion of SVHC defined by REACH

Please obtain and submit information immediately in case any of SVHC*2 defined by REACH*1 are contained in your material.

  1. 1REACH: The European Union Regulation of "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals" entered into force on June 1, 2007.
  2. 2SVHC: "Substances of Very High Concern" defined by REACH. The list of substances is updated at any time.

Information Disclosure

Please do not hesitate to disclose your material's environmental information and your contribution for the environmental protection, etc.