Message from the Management

Hayashi Yoichi
President & Representative Director
Chief Executive Officer
JX Metals Corporation

JX Metals Corporation is a nonferrous metals enterprise that conducts global operations related to nonferrous metals such as copper and rare metals, covering the full range of businesses from resource development, smelting and refining, to manufacture and sales of advanced materials, and recycling of metals from end-of-life equipment.

In recent years, the societal and business climate within which we operate has faced immense change. This is the result of such developments as progress in digital transformation, increasing momentum toward the decarbonization of society, deepening concerns over resource shortage and depletion, and increasing demands on companies in terms of their responsibilities to society.

The high value-added advanced materials we handle are essential for applications such as smart devices and telecommunications infrastructure. Thanks to our constant efforts to improve their quality and functionality, build a dynamic supply system, and develop new offerings, these materials serve to underpin progress in today’s data-driven society. Furthermore, copper and other nonferrous metal resources are indispensable to achieving societal sustainability. We consider it our mission to continue supplying these resources stably into the future while also addressing ESG-related imperatives such as decarbonization and resource circulation, and are resolutely pursuing measures to this end.

Since our business commencement at the Hitachi Mine, we have maintained a work-oriented ethos to encourage free and open discussions and tackle difficulties together. With changes in society expected to accelerate further, we will continue boldly taking on the challenges of change and fulfilling our societal responsibilities to stakeholders as we seek to achieve sustained growth as an enterprise.

I hope we can rely on your continued warm support and encouragement as we pursue our goals.