Green Procurement Guideline


JX Metals Corporation group ("JX Metals Group") is an integrated producer engaged in the non-ferrous metals business, including resource development, smelting and refining, electronic materials, metal fabrication, and recycling and environmental services such as recycling industry waste.
We are fully aware of the impact that our business poses on the environment. It is our environmental policy to commit to environmental protection on a global scale by achieving "continuous innovation in the productivity of resources and materials." In all aspects of our operations from development, production and marketing, we will continue to pursue technical rationality and efficiency and make improvements in quality & product properties and other matters. We will continue to promote recycling, energy saving to achieve "effective use of resources," "reduction of environmental burden" and "to develop eco-friendly materials and products" and to reduce our own environmental risks.
Thus we established this "JX-NMMC Green Procurement Guideline" ("Guideline") as environmental burden must be decreased at the procurement of materials and equipment necessary for our business.
This Guideline contains "mandatory conditions (minimum requirement)" that must be complied and "voluntary conditions" that we hope our business partners to comply in green procurement. If "mandatory conditions" are not met, business transaction can be stopped. Your compliance status of "voluntary conditions" is used for benchmarks of future transaction.
In case material/machine requires different standard from this Guideline, it will be defined by procurement specification, etc.
This Guideline will be revised timely based on legal regulations and social circumstances, etc.
Please ensure to follow this Guideline. We appreciate your cooperation.

[Green Procurement Policy]

JX Metals Group endeavors to contribute to "the formation of a recycling society," "the prevention of global warming" and "3R* promotion".
For all procured materials, if function, price and delivery are equivalent, JX Metals Group gives priority to procuring those which reduce environmental burden.

  • 3R stands for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.