Green Procurement Guideline


JX Advanced Metals Group (the "Group") has been engaged in the metallic resource development business, metal smelting business, electronic material and metal processing business, recycling of industrial wastes and other environmental and recycling businesses as a comprehensive manufacturer of non-ferrous resources and materials.
It is the basic policy of the Group to contribute to global environment preservation by promoting technological development for the enhanced productivity of resources and materials while fully recognizing the possible environmental impacts of those business activities. The Group endeavors to reduce environmental risks through "effective utilization of resources," "environmental burden reductions" and "development of eco-friendly materials and products" throughout all phases of its business activities. Such efforts include improvements of yield and recovery rates, quality improvements, shortening of processes, recycling and energy conservation.
In this regard, the Group has introduced these Green Procurement Guidelines for promoting Green Procurement*, which applies to its procurement of materials and equipment necessary for its business activities, in recognition of the need to use materials and equipment that consider environmental burden reductions.
These Guidelines stipulate the conditions to be followed for procurement. The Group may refrain from making future transactions with partners that do not satisfy these conditions.
Separate procurement specifications or other documents may stipulate different standards from these Guidelines as necessary to meet requirement specifications or other requirements for materials or equipment.
The standards for Green Procurement may be revised to reflect any future legal restrictions or social trends as appropriate.
We ask our procurement partners to follow these Guidelines.
*Green Procurement means prioritizing the purchase of products with less environmental impact.