Green Procurement Guideline

Conditions to be Followed for Procurement

(1) Operation of an environmental management system

An environmental management system must be operated at plants, offices and other sites that develop, manufacture or sell materials or equipment.
An environmental management system may be self-established and does not need to conform to ISO 14001, provided that the PDCA cycle including the following actions is effectively implemented:

  • Establishment of an environmental policy
  • Appointment of an environmental management representative and establishment of an environmental management system/structure
  • Understanding of and compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • Formulation and implementation of environmental objectives, goals and plans
  • Establishment of a chemical substance management system
  • Provision of environmental training to employees
  • Periodical inspection of the status of legal compliance and environmental activities

(2) Non-use of prohibited substances in the manufacturing process

The prohibited substances specified in the Exhibit must not be used in the manufacturing process of materials and equipment.

(3) Restrictions on prohibited substances

The content of the prohibited substances specified in the Exhibit in materials and equipment must be lower than the thresholds.

(4) Actions to address climate change issues

Goals toward achieving carbon neutrality must be set, and a necessary management system must be established.

(5) Implementation of Green Procurement

Standards for Green Procurement must be set, and the Green Procurement of the parts and components of materials and equipment must be implemented.