Green Procurement Guideline

Conditions for Procurement

Mandatory Conditions

JX Metals Group procures materials from business partners satisfying the conditions of (1) and (2) below. Please submit a certificate of compliance.

1. Mandatory Conditions for Business Partners

JX Metals Group considers it is an important benchmark for procuring materials whether manufacturers/vendors of the materials are actively working on environmental protection or not.
JX Metals Group procures materials from business partners satisfying following conditions:

1) Establishment of Environmental Management System ("EMS")

EMS shall be established in the plant, office, etc., where the materials are developed, manufactured and sold.
EMS may not only be based on ISO 14001, but also be independent system, but it must function in effective manner through Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle including:

  • Establishing environmental policy
  • Assigning Environmental Management Representative ("EMR") and setting environment management organization system
  • Understanding and complying with the latest environment-related regulations
  • Establishing and implementing environmental objectives, targets and plan
  • Establishing management system for chemical substances
  • Implementing environmental education for employees
  • Periodical checking of legal compliance and environmental activities progress

2) No use of prohibited substances in the manufacturing process

JX Metals Group's prohibited substances defined in Appendix "Guideline on Prohibited Environmental Impact Substances" ("Appendix") shall not be used in the manufacturing process.

3) Support of survey of chemical substances in materials

Material declaration form (by former JGPSSI format, etc.) shall be submitted regarding the materials.
(JGPSSI = Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative)

2. Mandatory Conditions for Procured Material Itself

Any procured material itself shall have less environmental burden.
To prevent environment pollution and health hazard, the material should receive appropriate treatment to avoid releasing hazardous substances at use and disposal. JX Metals Group prohibits substances harmful to the environment and humans to be contained in the material. It is to promote our green product designing and more appropriate disposal.
Thus, JX Metals Group procures material that does not contain the prohibited substances defined in the Appendix.
Definition of "contain" is "being contained by intentional use." Impurities are considered as unavoidable substances, not "contained", but the content shall not go beyond the threshold defined in the Appendix.