Purchasing Information

Main Items and Work Contracts Procured

Main Items Procured


Categories Items
Industrial gases Nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, etc.
Industrial chemicals Electrorefining products, calcium products, sulfur compounds, ammonia, water treatment chemicals, ion exchange resins, etc.
Coke Coke, petroleum coke
Concentrators Isopropyl ethylene, etc.
Carbon products Carbon electrodes
Consumables for mining machinery Balls for ball grinder mills
Packaging materials Corrugated cardboard cartons, palettes, etc.
Catalysts Catalysts for sulfuric acid production
Consumables for work tasks Work uniforms, gloves, wiping cloths, etc.
Office supplies Stationery, office furniture and fixtures, etc.

Materials and Equipment

Categories Items
Machinery for smelter and refineries and for recycling processes Crushers, concentrators, screens, casting machines, powder equipment, kilns, ladles, centrifuges, filtering machines, heat exchangers, melting furnaces
Machinery for manufacturing rolled materials Rolling mills, heating furnaces, annealing furnaces, surface milling machines, slitters
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment  
Motors and engines Turbines, engines, waterwheels
Utility equipment Fans, blowers, compressors, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers
Electrical equipment Motors, electric power generators, transformers, distribution boards, capacitors
Environmental equipment Water treatment equipment, dust collecting equipment, cooling towers
Logistics equipment Conveyors, cranes, packaging machines
Construction equipment Excavators, ship loaders
Vehicles and ships Trucks, forklifts, firetrucks
Analysis equipment Optical spectroscopy equipment, X-ray fluorescence analyzers, chromatographs, metal material testers, measuring equipment, scientific instruments
Machine tools Grinding machines, stamping presses, lathes
Other machinery and equipment Welders, hydraulic equipment, mixers
Iron and steel products, secondary products Thick steel plate, steel pipes, wire ropes, bolt nuts
Metal products Valves, joints and couplings, bearings
Electric wire Power cable, communication cable
Electrical materials and equipment Lighting equipment, wiring implements
Industrial gauges Temperature gauges, flowmeters, level gauges, thickness gauges
Industrial scales Platform scales, track scales, hopper scales
Rubber products Conveyor belts, rubber lining, fenders
Resin products Resin pipe fittings, resin sheets, resin tanks
Sealing and heat insulating materials Gaskets, packing seals, mechanical seals
Refractories Fire-resistant bricks, amorphous refractories
Security supplies Security and protection items, fire extinguishing equipment

Work Contracts

Construction and other commissioned work taking place at each of the operating sites of the JX Metals Group.