JX Advanced Metals Group Basic Quality Policy

The JX Advanced Metals Group hereby sets forth, and acts in observance of, this Basic Quality Policy in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable society while recognizing that its social mission is to stably supply nonferrous metals and materials.

  1. 1.Grasp the requirements of customers and society correctly in order to offer products and services that customers can trust and that satisfy their needs.
  2. 2.Improve and maintain quality in all processes from development, design, and production to delivery, while paying due attention to safety and environmental conservation.
  3. 3.Establish a quality management system, carry out continual improvements, and develop human resources.
  4. 4.Comply with all pertinent laws and regulations of Japan and other countries, and provide customers and society with accurate information on quality.
  • The Group Basic Quality Policy has been formulated in line with the JX Advanced Metals Group Code of Conduct.