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Copper Alloys and Special Steel Products

We are manufacturing and developing advanced functional materials aimed at meeting customers' demands for thinner and smaller products. A prime example is our Hyper Series of products and newly developed alloys, manufactured by drawing on highly precise process control technologies. We are winning high acclaim for these products on electronics markets, having succeeded in improving such key properties as strength, bend formability, and electrical conductivity. They meet the high-level needs of customers, not only in the IT field, but also for in-vehicle component applications, as automotive vehicles become increasingly dependent on electronics.

Product category Functional Materials
Main products Phosphor bronze, Corson alloy, titanium copper, high-conductivity alloys
Primary applications Connectors, springs for electronic parts, lead frames, automotive connectors, etc.

Employing advanced thickness control techniques developed in the manufacture of treated rolled copper foil for flexible printed circuits, we have built up a range of products with outstanding properties including strength, electrical conductivity, fatigue resistance, and thermal resistance. One example is our ultra high strength titanium copper foil, with world-class tensile strength for a copper alloy foil at 1400 MPa. Used as a lens support material, it is helping to make smartphone camera modules more reliable.

Special Steel Products

Our special steel products utilized precision rolling technology such as thickness control and drawing are used in the advanced electronic products market. To meet the demands of customers for products that are thinner, smaller, and offer greater precision, we have improved fatigue resistance by means of our Hyper technology, in addition to reducing the thickness of existing stainless steel-iron nickel alloys.

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