Shielding Materials

Under Development3D Formable Sheets for EMI shielding(Mighty Shield®

Typical Applications

  • Provides shielding from noise generated by parts (batteries, control units, motors) and charging equipment mounted in electric and other vehicles.
  • Prevents malfunction of sensors caused by external low-frequency noise.

Features of Electromagnetic Shielding Sheet (Mighty Shield®)

  • Noise in a wide frequency range can be shielded.
  • Can be molded into various shapes and cover the entire noise source without gaps.
  • The type of resin film can be chosen according to the application.

Shielding Sheet

Size: 150 W × 150 D × 0.4 T (mm)

3D Molding Examples

Size: 40 W × 30 D × 20 H (mm)
Corner shape: R3 mm
Size: 30 φ × 20 H (mm)

Exhibits magnetic field shielding effect of at least 30 dB in the frequency band of 500 kHz or more (measured by KEC method)

Very lightweight shield sheet due to resin film and copper foil composition

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