Compound Semiconductors and Crystal Materials

Rutile Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Application examples: Weyl semimetal substrates, photocatalysts, etc.

Titanium dioxide single crystal (TiO2), thanks to its large refractive index of ne=2.90 and wide transparency bandwidth, is used in many types of prisms including coupling prisms, and also as a polarization element.
It is further drawing attention for use in photo‐electrochemistry research, making use of the strong oxidizing power generated by irradiation with ultraviolet light.
Available as powder in addition to substrate form.

Application Examples
  • Prisms of various kinds
  • Weyl semimetal substrate
  • Polarization element
  • Photocatalyst
Supported crystals Non: TiO2, Nb: TiO2
Crystal type Rutile
Crystal sizes 10×10×0.5mm, 20×20×0.5mm
Prisms of various kinds
Polishing Both-side, single-side

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