Copper Alloys for USB Connectors

Backgrounds and Trends

For some time, USB connectors have been used to connect peripheral devices to smartphones and PCs. Recent USB standards are more advanced than before, requiring support for high-speed data transfer and quick charging.

Material Requirements

For USB Type-C, high yield strength is necessary in the plug contacts to maintain connection reliability, and high electrical conductivity is needed to handle large current flows. In receptacle contacts too, high electrical conductivity is required for large current flows. We recommend the materials detailed below for each kind of contact. With a wide-ranging materials lineup, we are able to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Plug contacts

High strength Corson alloys NKC286NKC286SNKC388
Corson alloys C7025

Receptacle contacts

High conductivity Corson alloys 
High conductivity alloys NKE012