Sputtering Targets for Optical Films

NS-5 Series
(High-Refractivity Target)


Our proprietary high-refractivity target, offering the following features.

  • High-refractivity, high-transmittance film can be deposited at a fast rate by DC sputtering.
    As an alternative material to TiO2, it enables higher productivity and improvement of optical properties.
  • The target offers outstanding amorphous stability and barrier performance. It is suited for use as protective film of various kinds.

NS-5: For films with higher refractivity than TiO2  NS-5B: Deposition three times faster than TiO2

NS-5 Series basic properties

Target Ar+2%O2 Sputtering rate (Å/sec) Film resistivity (Ω/cm) Crystallization temperature
n@550nm k@405nm
NS-5 2.46 0.004 0.9 >106 ≧400℃
NS-5B 2.37 0.000 1.5 >106 >600℃
(for reference)
2.37 0.001 0.5 >106 300℃

NS-5 Series optical transmittance

Has similar transmittance to TiO2 in the visible light region.

NS-5 Series water vapor transmission rate (WVTR, measured by MOCON analyzer)

Barrier properties are superior to those of SiO2.

  • Relative values with SiO2 (30 nm) as 1.
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