Thermal Control

Copper Alloys for Cooling Modules

Backgrounds and Trends

Conventionally, aluminum alloy or pure copper have been widely used in heatsinks or other modules for dissipating heat in personal computers, mobile devices, and other such equipment. As these devices become more advanced and generate more heat, while also becoming more compact, aluminum alloy is increasingly seen as lacking the necessary heat dissipation capability, while pure copper is insufficiently strong.

Material Requirements

We recommend high-conductivity copper alloys equipped with both the necessary heat dissipation capability and strength as a structural material.
We also offer Corson alloys for customers needing even higher strength than high-conductivity copper alloys.
To meet various needs, we have a lineup of products with strength and heat dissipation capability in a wide range of combinations.

High conductivity alloys NKE010NKE012
Corson alloys