Titanium Copper Alloy

Titanium Copper NKT322 ― The best alternative to beryllium copper

GIGALLOY® High Strength Copper Alloy for Connectors (UNS Alloy No. C19910)


NKT322 GIGALLOY® is a proprietary alloy we developed by adding small amounts of iron to titanium copper and further improving processes. It is notably stronger than ordinary titanium copper and has better bend formability.


A beryllium-free ultra-high-strength copper alloy
Strength and bend formability equal to or greater than mill-hardened beryllium copper: In wide use as an alternative product
The highest level of stress relaxation resistance among copper alloys: Maintains contact force at high temperatures

Table 1. NKT322 chemical composition (%)

  Ti Fe Cu+Ti+Fe
Standard composition 2.9~3.4
(3.2% target)
0.17~0.23 ≧99.5

Table 2. Physical properties of NKT322

Electrical conductivity 12 %IACS (@20℃)
Specific resistance 144 nΩ·m (@20℃)
Thermal conductivity 66.79 W/mK
Linear expansion coefficient 18.0 ×10-6/K (20 to 300℃)
Modulus of elasticity 120 GPa
Density 8.70 g/cm3

Table 3. Mechanical properties of NKT322

Temper Tensile strength
Yield strength
Vickers hardness
H Typical value 950 850 18 300
Specification range 900-1000 800-900 12min -
EH Typical value 970 900 15 310
Specification range 920-1020 850-950 10min -
SH Typical value 1020 950 10 320
Specification range 970-1100 900-1000 6min -
ESH Typical value 1070 1000 5 340
Specification range 1010-1200 950-1050 3min -
  • Standard values are shown for tensile strength, Yield strength, and elongation, while typical values are given for Vickers hardness.

Correlation between Yield strength and bend formability

  • Test piece shape: 0.1 mm thick × 10 mm wide × 30 mm long
    For reference purpose only. They are observed values, not guaranteed values.

Stress relaxation resistance

  • For reference purpose only. They are observed values, not guaranteed values.
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