Copper Alloy Foil

Sn-Cu-PET foil for electromagnetic shielding

Features of Sn-Cu-PET Foil for Electromagnetic Shielding

  • Sn-Cu-PET foil demonstrates excellent shielding effectiveness in a wide range of electromagnetic radiation frequencies.
  • Sn-Cu-PET foil can reduce shielding material weight to approx. 1/10 that of braid shield.
  • With excellent corrosion resistance and thermal resistance, it can be used in a wide range of environments.

Cross-sectional structure of Sn-Cu-PET

Shielding effectiveness of Sn-Cu-PET cable

Results with absorbing clamp method (IEC61196-1)
Sn-Cu-PET cable mass

Sn-Cu-PET corrosion resistance: Salt spray test

<Test conditions>
NaCl:5wt%, Temperature:35℃, Spray pressure:100kPa, Test time:24hr
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