Copper Alloy Foil

HS1200 ― High strength copper foil for battery

Features of HS1200

The higher strength and thinness of the foils means more current collectors can be stacked with batteries of the same volume, contributing to improved battery energy density.
Highly precise thickness contributes to capacity stability among individual batteries.

Table 1. List of properties

Alloy Thickness
Chemical Composition
Tensile strength
Tough pitch copper 5~ Cu >99.9 450 1~2 < 1.0
HS1200 6~ Cu-0.12Sn 550 1~2 < 1.0
  1. 1When slitting, the maximum width is 670 mm and the maximum length is 8,000 m.
  2. 2Properties are shown as typical values, which are not guaranteed values.

Softening properties

  • HS1200 has excellent thermal resistance, enabling high strength to be maintained, even at high temperatures.
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