Metal and Compound Powders

Tantalum & Niobium Materials/Metal Powders, Oxides, Chlorides, Compounds

Tantalum and Niobium Metal Powders

  • Tantalum and niobium are refractory metals with melting points of 3,017℃ and 2,477℃, respectively.
  • They are excellent materials for capacitor anodes as they form an extremely thin but dense oxide layer as dielectric.
  • While copper is used for semiconductor wiring, tantalum or tantalum nitride is used as an effective barrier layer for preventing copper from diffusing into the semiconductor layers.
  • High-purity and high-quality tantalum and niobium powders are used in the aerospace and energy industries as additives for improving the corrosion resistance of turbine blades.
Products Ta, Nb
Typical Applications Capacitors, sputtering targets, medical care applications, rolled products, wires, thermal spraying

Tantalum and Niobium Oxide Powders

  • High-purity tantalum pentoxide and niobium pentoxide enhance the refractive index of specialty lenses for high-end cameras or cameras in parking assistance systems.
  • Through doping, they also increase the performance of multi-layered ceramic capacitors (MLCC).
  • Lithium niobate and lithium tantalate derived from high-purity oxides, are used to manufacture electronic components like surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters which can be applied in mobile devices.
  • Niobium hydroxide is used as a precursor of niobium compounds.
Products Ta2O5, Nb2O5, Nb(OH)5
Typical Applications Monocrystalline raw materials, high-purity applications, optical lenses, piezoelectric devices, multi-layered ceramic capacitors, catalysts, alloy additives, pigments, coatings, niobium compound precursor

Chlorides and Compounds

  • These are chlorides and compounds of tantalum, niobium and other metals, with outstanding reactivity.
  • Chlorides can be used in semiconductor manufacturing processes as CVD process precursors.
  • Niobium compounds are applicable as piezoelectric device materials, and are used in tumor treatment systems and other medical care applications.
  • Niobium ammonium oxalate is used as a dopant in the battery industry to achieve increases in battery charge/discharge cycles.
Products Chlorides: TaCl5, NbCl5, WCl6, MoCl5
Compounds: Niobium ammonium oxalate (NAmOx), niobium oxalates, tantalum oxalates, KNbO3, MgNb2O6
Typical Applications CVD precursor, synthesis, catalysts, coating, MLCC, semiconductor applications, pigments, electroceramics, doping of PZT, precursor for PMN

AMtrinsic®-Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing

  • We provide AMtrinsic® Spherical Powders and alloys containing Tantalum and Niobium that are ideal for additive manufacturing applications.
  • Tantalum and niobium are biocompatible and non-allergenic, with high melting points, high corrosion resistance, and ductility at high temperatures.
  • They also have a small coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, for application to medical care, aerospace, chemical reaction processes and many other uses in metal additive manufacturing.
Products Ta, Nb, TiNbTa, Ti42Nb, TaW, FS85 (Nb/Ta/W/Zr)
Products Under Development TiTa, High Entropy Alloys (HEA), C103 (Nb/Hf/Ti)

Alloy Additives

  • As a metal with high melting point along with resistance to corrosion and oxidation, niobium is used as an additive in superalloys based on nickel, iron, and cobalt.
  • Since nickel niobium alloy functions to improve tensile strength and toughness, it is a choice in superalloys used for parts that must withstand high temperatures.
Products NiNb, Nb2O5
Typical Applications Alloy Additives

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