Copper Alloys for FPC Connectors

Backgrounds and Trends

Flexible printed circuit (FPC) connectors are used to connect FPCs to boards such as those for LCD backlights inside smartphones and tablets, and touch panels. Connectors are increasingly trending toward lower profile and narrower pitch as devices become more compact, requiring improvement in connection reliability and measures to deal with increased current flow.

Material Requirements

We have the following lineup of materials meeting needs for higher yield strength and higher electrical conductivity.

High strength copper alloys

Ultra high strength titanium copper foil C1990HP
Hyper phosphor bronze C5210 (HP)C5240 (HP)
High strength Corson alloys NKC286NKC286SNKC388

High conductivity copper alloys

High conductivity Corson alloys NKC164ENKC4820NKC1816NKC4419
High conductivity alloys NKE010NKE012