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Under DevelopmentNegative Thermal Expansion Material ZrW2O8 for Thermal Stress relaxation

We are developing ZrW2O8 which is known as one of negative thermal expansion materials. This material is expected to help to improve reliability of heat-generating parts such as power devices or electronic devices used in environments subject to temperature variability by alleviating thermal stress

The features of ZrW2O8 are as follows.

  • Thermal expansion of the base material can be controlled by creating composite materials with ZrW2O8.
  • It can be mixed with both organic and inorganic substances.
  • Negative thermal expansion occurs across a wide temperature range, making use of ZrW2O8 possible at high temperatures.

Main Properties of ZrW2O8 (Reference Values)

Coefficient of thermal expansion (ppm/K)*1 α phase (up to 155℃) -9
α→β phase change(155 - 180℃) -
β phase (180℃ and above) -4
Density (g/cm3)*2 5.07
Electrical resistivity (Ω/cm)*3 108 - 1012
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)*4 0.56
  1. 1JX Metals measured values (measured with a green compact)
  2. 2Literature data (G. Wu et al., Scripta Mater., 96 (2015), 29-32)
  3. 3JX Metals measured values (measured with a green compact)
  4. 4Literature data (C.A. Kennedy, Solid State Commun.,134 (2005), 271)

ZrW2O8 negative thermal expansion property measurement results*5

  1. 5TMA measurement with a green compact

Effect of ZrW2O8(Example of Use with Epoxy Resin)

TMA measurement results

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