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Under DevelopmentHigh Purity Chloride

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group has an extensive lineup of chlorides including those of molybdenum (Mo), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co), tantalum (Ta), and niobium (Nb). All are high-purity metal chlorides with purity from 3N (99.9%) to 6N (99.9999%).
In addition to CVD and ALD semiconductor processes, these are used in catalysts, chemical synthesis, coatings, and as additives in multi-layered ceramic capacitors (MLCC).

Product Name Typical Applications
CVD/ALD for semiconductors Catalysts Chemical synthesis Coatings Additives in multi-layered ceramic capacitors
MoCl5 Molybdenum pentachloride
WCl5 Tungsten pentachloride
WCl6 Tungsten hexachloride
CoCl2 Cobalt dichloride
TaCl5 Tantalum pentachloride
NbCl5 Niobium pentachloride
  • Chlorides and oxychlorides besides those listed above are also available.

The listed products are also sold by TANIOBIS GmbH.

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