Hyper Phosphor Bronze

C5240 (HP)

C5240 (HP)
High Strength 10% Tin Phosphor Bronze


Hi-Performance C5240 alloy (C5240 (HP)), was developed by enhancing the conventional phosphor bronze alloy C5240. C5240 alloy is phosphor bronze containing 10% tin, with greater strength than 8% tin phosphor bronze (C5210 alloy) and excellent bend formability. A further improvement in bend formability is achieved by means of our strength-enhancing technology. As a material in increasingly compact switches, connectors, relays, and other electronic parts, it meets customer requirements with its high strength properties.
(We provide the Hi-Performance Series-materials with the same composition as conventional products but with advanced material properties achieved by precision process control.)

Table 1. C5240R (HP) chemical composition (%)

  Cu Sn P Fe Pb Cu+Sn+P
Standard composition Remainder 10.0 0.15 ≦ 0.10 ≦ 0.05 ≧ 99.7

Table 2. Physical properties of C5240R (HP)

Electrical conductivity 10 %IACS(@20℃)
Specific resistance 157 nΩ·m(@20℃)
Thermal conductivity 50 W/mK
Linear expansion coefficient 18.4 ×10-6/K(20 to 300℃)
Modulus of elasticity 100 GPa
Density 8.78 g/cm3

Table 3. Mechanical properties of C5240R (HP) (specifications)

Temper Tensile strength
Yield strength
Vickers hardness
H 650-750 580-690 ≧11 200-240
EH 750-850 650-790 ≧9 230-270
SH 850-950 780-920 ≧5 250-290
ESH 950-1,050 900-1030 ≧1 270-310
XSH 1,000-1,200 950-1190 Rec. 290 or higher
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