Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets for Optical Films to control Refractive index

Our materials for multilayer films, used to form Blue-ray Discs, DVDs, and other optical discs, are widely used in Japan and the rest of the world. Drawing on our R&D accomplishments, we provide sputtering targets for various uses, adjusting their properties to match customer requirements in such areas as refractive index, transparency, environmental resistance, amorphous stability, high sputtering rate, thermal conductivity, and low resistivity. Lately, the technology we have developed over the years for optical disc materials is being expanded to various other optical devices, including OLED displays and optical films.

Main Products

NS-LR Series (low-refraction target), NS-5 Series (high-refraction target), NS-1 Series, NS-2 Series, NS-HR Series

Technology and Properties

We propose materials offering properties matched to customer requirements (e.g., refractive index, transparency, low resistivity, and thermal conductivity), with a core focus on optical properties, environmental resistance, amorphous stability, and high sputtering rate. We also have extensive experience and knowledge in quality management, enabling these products to be used with assurance.

Product lineup/refractive index adjustment range

We offer a wide range of products with different refractive indices.

Material design

We offer material design matched to the required properties.

Refractive index 1.65 - 2.46 @550nm
Transmittance A wide range (absorbing films are also available)
Film resistivity From 10E-1Ω/cm to insulation
Layer property Crystalline or amorphous
Etching properties Melts or does not melt in acid (or alkali)


  • CD-RW, etc.
  • Devices using light (OLED displays, optical films, optical sensors, etc.)
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