Corporate History


Fusanosuke Kuhara founded the
Hitachi Mine from which the Group

Kuhara headquarters (center) and the Motoyama Boarding House (two-story building on left)
Hitachi Mine Motoyama District (1914)
Fusanosuke Kuhara


Start of digging at the first shaft of Hitachi Mine

Commemorative photo shoot in front of the first shaft at the time of founding


Hitachi Mine performed the first diamond drilling at a metal mine in Japan

Diamond drilling machine


Start of operation at the Daioin Smelter & Refinery (current Hitachi Works)

Daioin Smelter & Refinery


Kuhara Mining established

Kuhara Mining Head Office (Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi)


Giant stack erected at Hitachi Mine

Commemorative photo taken upon completion of giant stack construction
Giant stack under construction on a slope 325 meters above sea level
Giant stack just prior to completion


Initial stock offering by Kuhara Mining

Kuhara Mining share certificate

Start of operation at the
Saganoseki Smelter &

Sintering furnace
Electrorefining plant
Overall view of Saganoseki Smelter & Refinery (ca. 1917)


Yoshisuke Aikawa named the second President of Kuhara Mining

Kuhara Mining renamed to Nippon Sangyo

Yoshisuke Aikawa


Nippon Sangyo mining and smelting division spun off to form Nippon Mining

Head Office of Nippon Mining at the time of its founding


All overseas operations lost with the end of WWII


Karasuyama Laboratory (predecessor of our R&D organizations) established

Karasuyama Laboratory


Operations begun at Kawasaki Works (now Kawasaki Plant, Kurami Works)

Kawasaki Works main gate
Kawasaki Works (ca. 1975)
Wire drawing machine
Morning assembly on special safety day


Mikkaichi Zinc Smelter (current JX Metals Mikkaichi Recycle) established

Mikkaichi Zinc Smelter


Kurami Works established

Newly completed Kurami Works
Overall view of Kurami Works (1979)
Manufacture of copper discs used for 10 yen coins for the Japan Mint
20 high finish rolling mill


Chile Office opened


First Nikko process flash smelting furnace completed at Saganoseki (the second was completed in 1973)

First Saganoseki flash smelting furnace
In front of Saganoseki flash smelting furnace
Second Saganoseki flash smelting furnace


Tomakomai Chemical (current JX Metals Tomakomai Chemical) established

JX Metals Tomakomai Chemical


Operation started at the Musoshi Mine in Zaire
(present Democratic Republic of the Congo; turned over to the local government in 1983)

Musoshi Mine in the 1970s
Musoshi Mine at the time it was built


Nikko Gould Foil (current Copper Foil Department, Hitachi Works) established

Hitachi Plant of Nikko Gould Foil

Hitachi Mine closed due to resource depletion

Last dynamite blast at Hitachi Mine
Party held after ceremonies marking the closing of Hitachi Mine and dissolution of the Motoyama labor union


Start of operations at the Isohara Works

Isohara Works at the start of operations


Nippon Mining Museum opened

Main Exhibition Hall of the Nippon Mining Museum


Nikko Coil Center (current JX Metals Coil Center) established

U.S. firm Gould Inc. acquired

Gould Inc. (Ohio, USA)


Nippon Mining Taiwan (current Nikko Metals Taiwan) established

Nikko Metals Taiwan


NIMTEC (current JX Metals Corporation USA) established

JX Metals Corporation USA

Production started at Escondida Copper Mine (Chile)

Escondida Copper Mine


Start of operations by Nikko Metals
(The metals and metal fabrication businesses of Nippon Mining were spun off into a separate entity, Nikko Metals, and Nippon Mining subsequently merged with Kyodo Oil to form Nikko Kyoseki [renamed as Japan Energy in 1993].)


Start of Saganoseki Smelter & Refinery operation with one flash smelting furnace

Second flash smelting furnace

GNF Philippines, (current JX Metals Corporation Philippines) established

GNF (Philippines)

Nippon Precision Technology (Malaysia), (current Materials Service Complex Malaysia) established

Materials Service Complex Malaysia


Nikko Metals listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)


Nikko Materials established (as spin-off of Japan Energy electronic materials business)

Start of joint Japan-South Korea refining business by LG-Nikko Copper
(current LS-Nikko Copper)

Signing of LG-Nikko Copper joint venture agreement


Start of production at Los Pelambres Copper Mine (Chile)

Pan Pacific Copper (PPC) established as a joint venture between Nikko Metals and Mitsui Mining & Smelting

Overall view of Los Pelambres Copper Mine (Chile)
Inside separating area with rows of ball grinder mills (Los Pelambres Copper Mine)


Nikko Metals Shanghai established

Nikko Metals Shanghai


Nippon Mining Holdings established as
joint holding company of Nikko Metals
and Japan Energy

Announcement of Nippon Mining Holdings corporate logo


Nikko Metal Manufacturing
established (as spin-off of the metal fabrication business of Nikko Metals)

Nikko Woojin Precision Manufacturing (Suzhou) (current Nippon Mining & Metals [Suzhou]) established

Nikko Woojin Precision Manufacturing (Suzhou)


Nikko Materials Korea (current JX Metals Korea) established

JX Metals Korea


New Nikko Metals established (by three-way merger of Nikko Metals, Nikko Materials, and Nikko Metal Manufacturing)

Integration into PPC of the copper smelting and refining functions of Nikko Metals and Mitsui Mining & Smelting (the smelting and refining functions of Saganoseki Smelter & Refinery and Hitachi Refinery were spun off into Nikko Smelting & Refining and then transferred to PPC)


Holding company, JX Holdings, established
with the merger of Nippon Mining Holdings
and Nippon Oil Nikko Metals renamed as
JX Metals Corporation

Tsuruga Plant established

JX Building
Tsuruga Plant


JX Metals Precision Technology established

Precision fabricated products
Kakegawa Works, JX Metals Precision Technology


Mine opening ceremony held at Caserones Copper Mine (Chile)

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at mine opening


Japanese name of JX Metals Corporation changed


JXTG Holdings established with the merger of JX Holdings and Tonen General Sekiyu

Frankfurt Office established

Frankfurt Office


H.C. Starck Tantalum & Niobium GmbH (current TANIOBIS GmbH) shares acquired