Mineral Resources

Business Processes Exploration and development phases

Starting from the exploration of mineral deposits to the completion of construction, the preparation for this phase can take ten or more years.


Exploration by helicopter

A wide range of information is collected by artificial satellites then analyzed to narrow down promising areas. After identifying the area, field research, geochemical sampling, geophysical analysis such as electromagnetics and magnetics are conducted in order to check whether the area actually has potential or not.

2.Drilling surveys

In drilling survey, rock samples are extracted by drilling equipment in order to check the existence and the scale of mineral deposits. As a deposit is found, the spacing between drillholes should be narrower to increase the precision of the investigation.

3.Feasibility studies (FS)

After estimating the scale, grade, and shape of the copper deposit based on a drilling survey, the project will be evaluated through a feasibility study from a technical and an economical aspect. After evaluation, a decision to develop the project will be made.

4.From development to start of operation

In order to mine copper ores from target deposits, waste rock above the ores is stripped, and the access roads are constructed. In addition, plants and facilities necessary for production are constructed (e.g. stockpile domes for storing ores). As a series of preparation is done, the project moves on to operation phase.