Sputtering Targets for Optical Films

NS-LR Series
(Low-Refractivity Target)


Our proprietary low-refractivity target, offering the following features.

  • Low-refractivity, high-transmittance film can be deposited at a fast rate by DC sputtering.
  • High-transmittance film is formed without use of oxygen.
  • The target offers outstanding amorphous stability and barrier performance. It is suited for use as protective film of various kinds.

NS-LR Series basic properties

Target name DC sputtering Atmosphere Sputtering rate n k
Å/sec 550nm 405nm 550nm
NS-LR-C3J OK Ar 1.94 1.74 0.001 0.000
2%O2 1.66 1.70 0.000 0.000
NS-LR-C3J-2 (under development) OK Ar 1.72 1.65 0.000 0.000
2%O2 (pending)
MgO (for reference) NG Ar 0.15 1.74 - -

Water vapor transmission rate (WVTR, measured by MOCON analyzer)

Barrier properties are superior to those of SiO2.

Optical transmittance

A film with high transmittance up to the ultraviolet region is obtained.

Thermal resistance (NS-LR-C3J)

Annealing temperature (℃) n k Sheet resistance Film property (XRD)
550nm 405nm (Ω/sq)
R.T 1.74 0.000 >5000k Amorphous
240 1.73 0.000 >5000k Amorphous
400 1.73 0.000 >5000k Amorphous

Properties do not vary, even at high temperatures.

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