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Sulfuric acid, slag, gypsum, etc.

Sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid is produced in the copper smelting process using as raw material the sulfur contained in copper concentrate.
It is a colorless, odorless viscous liquid, and multiple products are manufactured for different uses, which range widely from industry to agriculture.

Types and quality standards

Sulfuric acid content Residue on ignition Iron content
Concentrated sulfuric acid Nominal sulfuric acid or more 0.05% or less 0.03% or less
Dilute sulfuric acid
Oleum (fuming sulfuric acid) Nominal free sulfur anhydride or more


Fertilizer, textile, paper and pulp, titanium oxide, resin, steel


The Group produces copper slag—iron silicate resulting from the bonding of iron in copper concentrate with silica in the copper smelting process. It is crushed by high-pressure water to form black, glassy granules.
Having a large specific gravity of 3.5 and high hardness (6 Mohs or more), this industrial product has greater grain size stability than natural sand.

Types, forms, sizes, etc. Copper slag
Standard Composition: Fe 35 to 45%, SiO2 30 to 40%, Al2O3 3 to 5%
Grain size: 0.3 to 5 mm
Applications Raw material for cement (iron source for clinker), sandblasting material, port applications (caisson filling material, sand compaction material), secondary concrete products, and fine aggregate for ready-mix concrete

Copper sulfate

The Group produces copper sulfate by refining and crystallizing copper electrolyte in the copper refining process.
It has a wide range of applications from agricultural chemicals to plating and catalysts.

Forms Blue crystalline powder
Quality standard CuSO4, 5H2O≧98.5%
Main applications Agricultural chemicals (for disease control), industrial plating, catalysts


The Group produces gypsum, a white powdered substance, by adding calcium carbonate to sulfur, contained in copper concentrate.
Three types of gypsum are produced depending on the production process.

Types, forms, sizes, etc. Sulfuric acid gypsum, flue gas desulfurization gypsum, waste acid treatment process gypsum
Applications Gypsum board, raw material for cement (solidification accelerator)
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