High Conductivity Alloys

NKE010 ― High Conductivity Copper Alloy

NKE010(UNS Alloy No. C15100)


NKE010 (CDA No. C15100) is a precipitation-hardened alloy, made by adding small amounts of zirconium to copper to form and strengthen minute copper-zirconium intermetallic compounds in the matrix. The excellent strength, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and stress relaxation resistance make this alloy ideal for a wide range of electronic devices. Among the uses are in-vehicle connectors (including for electric and hybrid vehicles), lead frames, bus bars, terminal pins with large current flow, and heat spreaders.


  1. 1.High electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity, with electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity properties close to those of pure copper (SH: 93% IACS)
  2. 2.Superior to pure copper in strength, thermal resistance, and stress relaxation resistance
    (Temper SH: stress relaxation rate less than 20% at 150℃, 1,000 hours)

Table 1. NKE010 chemical composition (%)

Cu Zr
Standard composition Remainder 0.1
  • Note that all numerical values shown are typical values.

Table 2. Physical properties of NKE010

Temper SH ESH
Electrical conductivity 93 85 %IACS (@20℃)
Specific resistance 18.6 20.3 nΩ·m (@20℃)
Thermal conductivity 363 337 W/mK
Linear expansion coefficient 17.7 ×10-6/K (20 to 300℃)
Modulus of elasticity 123 113 GPa
Density 8.90 g/cm3
  • Note that all numerical values shown are typical values.

Table 3. Mechanical properties of NKE010
(upper: typical values, lower: specification range)

Temper Tensile strength
Yield strength
Vickers hardness
SH 470
ESH 550
  • Note that all numerical values shown are typical values.

Stress relaxation resistance

  • For reference purpose only. They are observed values, not guaranteed values.
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