Metal and Compound Powders

Under DevelopmentMetal Powders for Additive Manufacturing (3D Printer)

JX Advanced Metals Group companies are developing and manufacturing metal powders of various kinds for additive manufacturing.

JX Advanced Metals Group: Copper Powder (under development)

Applying our proprietary surface treatment technology to high-quality copper powder, we are developing copper powder applicable to various methods of metal additive manufacturing.

Benefits of Surface Treatment

  • Anti-oxidation effect: Surface treatment prevents an increase in oxygen content, which inhibits AM processing.
  • Powder sintering inhibition effect: In Electron-Beam (EB) AM, surface treatment inhibits powder sintering during the preheating process, for more flexible AM processing.
  • Improvement of laser absorption ratio: Formation by Laser Beam (LB) AM is considered to be difficult with ordinary copper powders, but improving the laser absorption ratio increases the potential for its use.

Anti-oxidation effect

Powder sintering inhibition effect (Electron Beam AM)

How objects are formed
  • Through preheating process of electron-beam AM, redundant powders can bond with each other excessively by heat, resulting in difficulty in removing the powders.
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TANIOBIS GmbH: Tantalum and Niobium Alloy Powders AMtrinsic®

We provide AMtrinsic® Spherical Powders and alloys containing Tantalum and Niobium that are ideal for additive manufacturing applications.
Tantalum and niobium are biocompatible and non-allergenic, with high melting points, high corrosion resistance, and ductility at high temperatures.
They also have a small coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, for application to medical care, aerospace, chemical reaction processes and many other uses in metal additive manufacturing.

Ta, Nb, TiNbTa, Ti42Nb, TaW, FS85 (Nb/Ta/W/Zr)
Products under Development
TiTa, High Entropy Alloys (HEA), C103 (Nb/Hf/Ti)
Typical Applications

Heat exchangers for chemical processes

Particle accelerators for superconducting

Engine systems for aerospace

AMtrinsic® is sold by TANIOBIS GmbH.

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Toho Technical Service Co., Ltd.: Titanium Alloy Powder (Ti6Al4V)

64-alloy powder, made from 64-alloy chip as raw material, is a powder with extremely low impurity level, with low oxygen content achieved by removal of fine particles.

(1) For Electron Beam AM
Particle size 45 to 150µm

(2) For Laser Beam AM
Particle size 20 to 45µm

64-alloy is provided by Toho Technical Service Co., Ltd.