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Under DevelopmentLead-free Piezoelectric Materials

Lead zirconate titanate (PZT) is widely used as a piezoelectric material. The study for a lead-free alternative, however, has been going on lately due to tightened regulations of hazardous substances.
TANIOBIS GmbH, a group company of JX Advanced Metals Group, provides several materials that are promising as lead-free replacements for piezoelectric material, including potassium sodium niobate (KNN) powder, lithium sodium potassium niobate (LNKN) powder, and their intermediate raw material KNbO3 powder.

Materials Nb2O5 powder, KNbO3 powder, KNN powder, LNKN powder
Applications Ultrasonic oscillator, ultrasonic motor, piezoelectric actuators and sensors, etc.

The listed products are sold by TANIOBIS GmbH.

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