Business Segments

Recycling and Environmental Services

Business Overview

The recycling and environmental services business applies techniques and experience accumulated from years of operating mines, smelters and refineries to provide services in two areas, recycling and environmental services.
The recycling business recovers copper, precious metals and other valuable metals from end-of-life home appliances and electronic equipment, as well as from recycled materials such as metal scrap generated by factories. The environmental services business cooperates with Group companies to provide detoxification of industrial waste and to recover valuable metals. Fundamental to both businesses is zero emissions, the concept of not generating any secondary wastes. These businesses are contributing to the creation of a global resource-recycling society aimed at not leaving future generations with an environmental burden.

Concept of the resource-recycling society

Business Processes

Products and Services

Recycling Business

The following metals are recovered from recycled materials

Antimony oxide
Lithium carbonate

Environmental Services Business

We are engaged in proper disposal of difficult-to-treat industrial wastes.

Operating Sites

Building a nationwide collection network

Keywords for better understanding our recycling and environmental services business

Zero Emissions

The treatment of industrial waste often results in generation of secondary waste such as incinerator ash or residue, which in most cases is then buried in a final disposal site or other location.
Zero emissions is aimed at industrial waste treatment without resulting in secondary wastes, so as to minimize the environmental burden on the next generation.
In our recycling and environmental services business, we are building recycling systems with the slogan, "never discard, never bury," pursuing zero emission industrial waste treatment and nonferrous metal recycling.

Enhancing our overseas collection network

The Group established a recycled materials collection center in Taiwan in 2010, and started marketing support in the US in 2014. By building up an organization for collection of recycled materials on a worldwide scale, we are actively contributing to the establishment of a global resource-recycling society.