Hyper Eco Alloy


with Electrical Conductivity of 60% IACS, Similar Strength asBrass, and Excellent Bend Formability


Hyper Eco Alloy is a Brass with high electrical conductivity that could not be achieved with conventional Brass (C2600). By optimizing the composition and applying our original "Hyper" technology, we have achieved the same levels of strength, spring properties, and bend formability as Brass (C2600). At the same time, the new Hyper Eco Alloy improves performance in areas where Brass (C2600) is weak, including stress corrosion cracking resistance, stress relaxation, and solder wettability.
The name Hyper Eco Alloy is derived from the phrase "High Electrical Conductivity", while also pointing to the economical and ecological advantages of this product, which is more readily recyclable than Brass (C2600).

  • Note that all numerical values shown are typical values.

Table 1. NKB032 chemical composition (%)

  Cu Zn Sn
Standard composition Remainder 3.0 0.2

Table 2. Physical properties of NKB032

Electrical conductivity 60 %IACS (@20℃)
Specific resistance 28.7 nΩ·m (@20℃)
Thermal conductivity 245 W/mK
Specific heat - J/kg·K (@20℃)
Linear expansion coefficient 17.1 ×10-6/K (20 to 300℃)
Modulus of elasticity 111 GPa
Density 8.91 g/cm3

Higher electrical conductivity (lower volume resistivity) than Brass (C2600) is achieved, with three types of alloys (40, 50 and 60% IACS) available.

Table 3. Mechanical properties of NKB032 (typical values)

Temper Tensile strength
Yield strength
Vickers hardness
Bend formability
(minimum bend radius/thickness)
H 490 485 4.0 153 1.0
  • Bend formability is as determined in 90° W bend testing at 10 mm width, with the bend axis parallel to the rolling direction.

The NKB Series has the same strength as Brass (C2600).
(Property values shown for the NKB Series are typical values. A dash in place of a figure means there is no JIS standard.)

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