Metal and Compound Powders

Copper Coated Iron Powder, Copper-Coated Molybdenum Disulfide and Electrolytic Copper Powder

We provide electrolytic copper powder, compound powder, and copper coated iron powder. We have developed metal powders for a variety of applications based on the accumulated know-how over many years in order to meet market needs quickly. Our electrolytic copper powder, which has excellent compatibility and sintering properties due to its dendritic shape, is an essential raw material of powder metallurgy products such as oilless-bearings, electric brushes and friction materials, as well as for catalysts and paints. We also supply copper-coated molybdenum disulfide, copper-coated graphite, copper-coated iron powder and other products for use in high-performance oilless bearings and electric brushes.

Product Category Functional materials
Main Products Electrolytic copper powder, compound powder, copper coated iron powder
Primary Applications Oilless bearings, electric brushes, friction material, etc.

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