Sputtering Targets for Flat Panel Displays

IGZO (Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide) Sputtering Target


IGZO (Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide) is a transparent oxide semiconductor seen as a semiconductor material for next-generation TFT, and expected to replace amorphous silicon. Applying our powder metallurgy sintering technology acquired for ITO targets, we have developed large, high-density IGZO targets and are supplying them to customers. We are also making active efforts to improve sputtering performance.

Rotary IGZO target cylinder
G8 IGZO target


TFT material

Technology and Properties

Purity 4N
Shapes All sputtering equipment and all sizes can be used, whether for rotary or planar type.
Composition Standard composition In:Ga:Zn = 1:1:1 (at.%)

Manufacturing method for achieving uniformity

After milling and mixing three kinds of oxide powders in pure water to prepare a slurry with uniformity at the sub-micron order, the slurry is spray-dried in hot air, resulting in granules 50 µm in diameter. Since drying occurs instantaneously, the three oxides are uniformly distributed in the granules obtained. These granules are made into the target shape by compression molding to obtain a target with no variation in composition along the surface or in the thickness direction.

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