Sputtering Targets for Flat Panel Displays

IZO Sputtering Target for OLED (IR transparent electrode)


IZO (Indium-Zinc-Oxide) is our proprietary transparent conductive film material, ideal as an electrode material in OLED panels and other next-generation display panels. It has the following advantages for customers.

Low resistivity and high transparency in low-temperature deposition
Readily adopted on organic substrate or organic layer
Low particle levels and nodule-free structure
Contributes to reducing maintenance and raising yield
Amorphous stability and excellent surface smoothness
Enables easy lamination with upper and lower films
Excellent etching properties
Contributes to current leak protection and shortening of tact time

ITO and IZO basic properties compared

Target Film resistivity
Arcing Amorphous stability Film surface roughness Etching rate
Ra[nm] Rz[nm]
ITO 1.07 77.9 Normal Normal 2.24 34.2 Normal
IZO 0.41 83.1 Low Good 0.52 5.2 Fast
  • All data are for as-depo film; low resistivity and transparency are for 55 nm film thickness; surface roughness is for 130 nm thickness.


Transparent conductive films

Technology and Properties

Purity 3N
Shapes All sputtering equipment and all sizes can be used, whether for rotary or planar type.
Composition Standard zinc oxide concentration 10.7wt%

ITO and IZO nodule/arcing performance compared

IZO enables particle levels to be minimized due to extremely low arcing as a result of the nodule-free structure.

ITO and IZO electrical conductivity and optical properties compared

IZO achieves properties superior to ITO in room temperature deposition and low-temperature annealing.

XRD pattern IZO film and ITO film

IZO enables high-quality film with amorphous stability.

TEM image of IZO film

IZO enables high-quality film with amorphous stability.

IZO enables high-quality film with amorphous stability.

ITO and IZO bending properties compared

IZO offers superior bendability.

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