Sputtering Targets for Flat Panel Displays

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Sputtering Target


Leveraging the advantage of our full-process production starting from raw materials, we produce and sell high-density, low-particle ITO targets as UHD (Ultra High Density)-IV Grade using indium oxide and tin oxide made by electrolysis. In addition to the standard product with tin oxide density of 10wt%, we can provide products with lower tin oxide density. These are well suited to film deposition, since low-resistivity film can be deposited without high temperature annealing. With rotary targets as well, particle levels can be minimized by using large cylinders for fewer divisions.

G8.5 Rotary ITO Target
G8.5 ITO Target


Transparent conductive films

Technology and Properties

Purity 4N
Shapes All sputtering equipment and all sizes can be manufactured, whether for rotary or planar type.
Composition Needs for various compositions can be met (Standard tin oxide concentration 10wt%.)
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